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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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building. what caused an i got about 30 feet close to the fire didn't feel much heat so it wasn't too extreme but it was intense. >> massive flames threaten a microsoft building. what caused an explosion as well as power outages. >> a brutal attack on two women in san francisco. how one made a desperate dash for help. good morning. it's -- it's -- >> yeah. it is! >> thank goodness. >> oh, my goodness. >> friday the 13th. >> oh, it is! >> i didn't realize that. >> i have already had a number
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of things happen to me by 4:30. >> like what? [ laughter ] >> we got time. >> i lost two buttons but i just won't tell you where. >> well. >> ew. >> who loses buttons putting on makeup? [ laughter ] >> happy friday, grace. [ laughter ] >> we should talk about traffic. >> we should. >> we should talk about traffic. >> actually there's not much going on, on the roads. we're kind of done. we'll show you this quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza but we're pretty quiet. there should be an 18-minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. let's talk about the weather forecast. pretty this weekend, right? >> it's going to change. enjoy today. cold start in the north bay valleys. 32 santa rose, 37 napa. big changes over the weekend and we're putting something on our map today that we haven't seen in quite some time. >> let me guess. >> snow. [ laughter ] >> we are going to get a foot in the city.
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>> i wish. >> we'll see. thanks a lot. a developing story, an explosion knocking down power lines in mountain view. this triggered a brush fire next to a microsoft campus. the fire is out and the power has just been restored. gil diaz is down in mountain view to give us an update on this developing story. gil. reporter: good morning. pg&e crews behind me are still at the scene. i spoke to a utility spokesman and he said that the power has been completely restored including the microsoft campus. initially when the power went out, about 357 customers were left in the dark last night. take a look at some of the video. this is video that a local resident who was nearby the fire shot for us. it occurred just before 9:30 last night. 911 dispatchers getting several phone calls that people could hear explosions nearby especially near the microsoft campus. by the time the first fire
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crews arrived they saw several downed power lines and some of those lines even sparked a small brush fire. the fire eventually scorched about two acres and that resident who shot this for us told us what he witnessed. >> the flames were 20 stories -- i'm sorry, 20, 40 feet high. i got about 30 feet close to the fire, didn't feel much heat so it wasn't too extreme but it was still pretty intense. >> reporter: despite the extensive damage, no structures were threatened. microsoft campus is okay. none of the firefighters were hurt. but a resident at a nearby mobile home park went to the hospital with smoke inhalation. the cause of the downed power line is still under investigation. back to you. >> thank you. we have another developing
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story. two women are victims of a brutal attack in san francisco. anne makovec is in the sunset district with the latest on their conditions. reporter: no arrests have been made in this case. at least one attacker is on the loose right now. both of these women were badly injured and they spent the night at the hospital. the attack happened at around 9:00 last night. police say a woman was delivering food to this home on 20th avenue and came upon a brutal attack. someone was beating a woman in her 70s, possibly stabbing her, as well. then the attacker turned on the woman making the delivery. she ran back to the restaurant she had come from around the corner. they called police but the attacker or attackers ran off. >> we don't know what led to this assault. it's under investigation. we don't know the -- we haven't confirmed the race of the suspect at this time. >> reporter: both of the women who were injured were taken to
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the hospital with life- threatening injuries. police also say they had a little bit of a language barrier issue with these women. they spoke mandarin and cantonese. police don't know or aren't releasing a lot of information at this point. back live on the scene, there's a light on in the home where this attack happened last night. the other thing we're very curious about this morning is the motive in this attack. no information on that. >> thank you, anne makovec. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is likely to be charge today with misdemeanor domestic violence according to our insider phil matier. most san franciscans think he should resign, 46%. 34% say he should take a leave of absence. only 17% say he should remain in office if he is charged.
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dozens of anti-domestic violence advocates rallied at city hall calling for mirkarimi to step down over the allegations that he roughed up his wife. lopez talked about the alleged argument with the neighbor. the neighbor took pictures and called police. >> ross mirkarimi should step aside until the investigation is completed. >> they love each other and care about each other very much and they are very deeply worried about this because it does not reflect their relationship. >> lopez spent a few minutes standing behind the speakers before going into city hall. a spokesman says she was there to visit her husband. 4:36. hundreds of oakland city workers are on notice. they could be out of a job by next week. pink slips will start going out on wednesday to more than 200 workers. this is because of a $30 million cut back in state redevelopment funds the city uses to pay their salaries. the city says employees with
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seniority could later be transferred to other departments but for now, all workers can do is wait. >> i have been hearing bits and pieces but i'm not sure of all the details. this is the first time that i've known that it's been this widespread. i'm not sure if it's going to affect me but it might. >> the city said the layoffs will only make up for part of the funding loss. it has also frozen hiring and asked every department to slash its budget by 5% by today. despite this and a recall effort, supporters are holding a rally today for mayor jean quan. two labor groups plan to demonstrate her accomplishments. she is criticized over her handling of city violence and "occupy" protestors. >> people rallying today for the san francisco 49ers. they are hosting the saints tomorrow. it's the first play-off game for the 9ers in nearly a decade. they lost to the saints during the preseason but they are now seeking a little sweet revenge.
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kickoff set for tomorrow at candlestick park at 1:30. our coverage begins tonight. dennis o'donnell and kim coyle are hosting a "49er preview" at a special time at 7:00 tonight here on cbs 5. in about 15 minutes we're going to tell you what the mayors of san francisco and new orleans are betting on the game. >> a lot riding on this game. >> it's do or die. win or go home. that's how that works. let's check in with elizabeth on this friday the 13th. >> spooky. we're hoping for no serious problems on the road because of the day. so far quiet no issues this morning at all. we sent our photographer out to san jose. so early in the morning you can see that traffic is light. not sure about direction. i think those headlights are moving northbound but either direction looks good. you're continuing up towards santa clara. it's quiet out there on 101. 280 is problem-free, as well. and at the bay bridge no metering lights no real delay. you may find some roadwork on
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the lower deck eastbound 80 closer towards the pay gates but otherwise westbound 80 traffic approaching the pay gates is nice and quiet. coming up a check of mass transit on this friday morning. in the meantime, lawrence is talking -- >> elizabeth, did you lose buttons or anything strange? >> i don't know. i'm still half asleep. >> only one person that happened to today in the studio. >> who is that? [ laughter ] high pressure overhead on this friday and we're looking good so far. temperatures chilly around the bay area. 35 in concord. 32 and freezing in santa rosa and 40 in san jose. that ridge of high pressure going to hold on to bring some nice warm conditions around a good part of the bay area as we are going to see that ridge starting to break down throughout the weekend. we have major changes coming our way. 69 degrees the expected high today in santa rosa. 68 in san jose. 69 in mountain view and about 66 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, looks like
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we are going to keep things dry but big changes over the weekend much cooler temperatures on the way come sunday and get this, guys, a chance of rain, that's right! >> what?! >> a chance of rain by next thursday. >> let's met with lawrence, kind of like the mayors of new orleans and san francisco. >> i think he has better sources. >> i'll take that bet! >> i'll bet you will. a bank robbery, high-speed chase and bomb scare. how a stranger turned out to be a suspect's worst nightmare. >> an apple store pelted with eggs. the announcement causing customer outrage. i ask all-girl scouts who want a true all-girl experience not to sell any cookies. >> a bold demand from a california girl scout. why she is calling for a boycott of her own group.
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my fashion blog is about my personal style and things that inspire me. i like to think of myself as the voice of real girls.
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since i post new looks almost every day... i have to shop almost as often. t.j.maxx is great because i can score designer fashion... without spending like there's no tomorrow. that's what it's all about. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i post for fashionistas... but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. today for murder. he pleaded guilty earlier this week to charges that he killed a man in lima in peruvian judges are set to sentence joran van der sloot today for murder. he pled guilty to charges that he killed a 21-year-old woman in lima in 2010. he could get up to 30 years in prison. police say the dutch national killed stephany flores and took
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her money and fled to chile. investigators believe the victim had found something on van der sloot's computer related to the disappearance of natalee holloway. this morning we have a look at the possible suspects in a murder in oakland. police have released sketches of two men wanted for killing jose esparza on august 28. his 6-year-old son was with him when he was shot to death outside a store on international boulevard. there is a $15,000 reward to help catch the killers. 4:43 now. two suspected bank robbers are in custody after a wild series of events that shut down parts of two major san jose freeways. it began late yesterday morning in the city's blossom valley area. police say one suspect displayed something that looked like a bomb while robbing a bank of america on snell avenue. the driver of the getaway car crashed into a minivan on highway 85 at the highway 87 interchange. the head of a local security company was driving nearby.
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steve brown got out of his car, tackled one of the suspects and held him until the police arrived. >> i was a well-trained citizen that responded. and i just thank god no one was hurt. >> the other suspect fled on foot to gunderson high school where he was arrested. a stretch of highway 85 closed in both directions as police used robots to check the suspect's car for explosives. quite a day. the suspicious device was detonated but turned out not to be a bomb. executives and shareholders got money that should have been spent on safety, that's what two state-ordered reports say about pg&e in the years prior to the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight. the "chronicle" says pg&e diverted more than $100 million meant for gas safety and operations some of it going to executive bonuses. one of the reports said that the utility gave, quote, low priority top story pipeline safety. red box is facing a first-
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of-its-kind lawsuit filed by a group of blind californians. they say the company's touchscreen kiosk touch them out making it impossible for them to rent a video on their own. currently they offer only visually-based controls. they want them accessible. a group's boycott of girl scout cookies is prompting a debate on whether the organization should include transgendered kids. the california-based group called honest girl scouts posted a video urging people not to buy the popular cookies because a colorado troop accepted a 7-year-old boy. >> i ask all fellow girl scouts who want a true all-girl experience not to sell any cookies. >> other youtube videos have surfaced in support of accepting transgendered scouts. if a child identifies as a girl and the children's family
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presents her as a girl, girl scouts of colorado welcomes her as a girl scout, they say. when apple releases a new product in the united states it's normally a peaceful event. not the case in china today. the cupertino-based company postponed sales of the iphone 4s in its china stores after angry customers and scalpers pelted a beijing apple store with eggs. hundreds of people waited overnight in freezing weather and they got steamed when the store didn't open at the scheduled 7:00 hour. >> they want their iphones apparently. >> they want them bad. 4:46. two major shake-ups for high- speed rail. the south carolina primary heated attacks and the surprise person who might jump in the race. >> how a birthday wish at a basketball game goes wrong. we'll show you. a lot of sunshine around the bay area the last couple of
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days. it will continue today but big changes over the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up.
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plane crash. take a look.
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an alleged dru wisconsin police are investigating this, a very unusual plane crash. an alleged drunken pilot landed upside-down in a tree. witnesses say that the pilot climbed out and then took a nap in a neighbor's barn before contacting -- [ laughter ] >> he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. sometimes you just got to take a nap, frank. >> can you imagine him just kind of crawling down the tree -- >> getting comfortable in a haystack? >> okay. that was not a good day. this morning, a major setback for the state's high- speed rail project. the ceo of the rail authority resigned and then the chairman of the board also resigned. they come one week after an independent panel came out with a scathing review and refused to recommend billions in bond money. there's some good news
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though for bart. new trains, cleaner seats and digital displays. the agency reportedly plans to award a billion-dollar contract for 260 new cars. bart plans to start testing those cars in three years and riders could see them on the tracks september of 2016. the money is coming from the mtc and bart's budget. things are looking up for republican front-runner mitt romney with the south carolina primary just eight days away. most of his opponents have failed to qualify for the ballot in at least one upcoming primary and in other states their campaigns have failed to file full slates of delegates. the only one to avoid this is ron paul who finished in the top three in both iowa and new hampshire. the candidates continue in the meantime to flood the south carolina airwaves with campaign ads and they are appearing at plenty of campaign events in the state. >> we are going to see the change we're looking for and it's not barack obama. incidentally it's going to be mitt romney. >> i think we'll find that i have been a very consistent
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conservative. >> most polls show romney with a slight lead in the palmetto state. there could be another candidate for president. we're talking about comedian steven colbert. on his comedy central show last night he said he was launching a run for president in his home state of south carolina. he plans to form an exploratory committee. back in 2007 he filed a run for the white house as a democrat. >> it would make for great debates. mr. colbert, a question? >> he will get the judger vote. >> no doubt. >> let's kick it over to elizabeth. we have some activity out there already. >> we have some action going on, on northbound 880. that 98th street off-ramp is shut down for some police activity. we have unconfirmed reports there was a slow-speed chase that resulted in a minor accident so they are out there now. 98th street off-ramp to northbound 880, completely shut down. the main lines of the freeway
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we doesn't think are impacted and your drive times should be 15 machines between 238 and the maze. so we'll follow that one problem spot in oakland. in the meantime, this is san jose i know it's difficult to see but this is 280 out of downtown san jose. so far things are light towards cupertino, 12 minutes between 101 and highway 85. golden gate bridge definitely "friday light" all across the bay area this morning. i'll step out of the way to see if we can see any cars. nope, not a one -- oh, there's a couple in the northbound direction. yeah. they have not done the lane change yet so we'll let you know as soon as they do. typically around 5:00 they do the lane change. bay bridge toll plaza quiet, no metering lights, no delays. that westbound 80 commute from the carquinez bridge to the maze is now at about 18. that is your "timesaver traffic." for an update on your forecast, here's lawrence. everyone wants the weekend forecast. >> we have some changes coming today looking like another day
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outside clear skies right now chilly temperatures 30s and 40s around the bay area maybe patchy fog in the interior valleys this morning. otherwise looking good. toward the afternoon, high pressure overhead at least for one more day meaning some of the temperatures soaring near 70 by the afternoon. even the coastal temperatures moving up in the mid-60s. high pressure overhead but things change. low developing in the gulf of alaska is going to sag to the south so we are going to stay dry but temperatures will be cooler especially on sunday. today 65 in fresno, 64 sunny yosemite. 63 degrees monterey bay. inside the bay well into the 60s this afternoon. 68 san jose. 63 pacifica. 63 hayward. east bay temperatures well into the 60s, maybe 68 in
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pleasanton. 63 degrees in antioch and 66 in pleasant hill. inside the bay temperatures running up to the mid-60s into oakland. about 66 in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. wouldn't be surprised if we saw 70 out there. lotta's fountain coming our way looking good but temperatures are going to cool down especially as we head through the weekend. chance of showers thursday. looks like the whole pattern is about to change. i'm feeling more and more confident as we get closer. >> i'm all in. >> this is going to be a big one, not springles ? >> we'll see when we get closer whether it's sprinkles. the sierra is struggling with almost no snow. tahoe resorts are pulling out all the stops now to bring in some business to get you to go up there. many are offering special deals
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unheard of this time of year. northstar is enticing customers with bargains like stay and free ski. a star-studded mountain also helps. >> people curious about sean wyatt and the super pipe and all the other athletes training here now. >> this is such a quality of resort we couldn't imagine that it would be a bad experience. >> and for just over $100, two adults can stay at the village at squaw valley and you can ski all day too. so if you bring up your rock skis, head up and have fun. registration has started for the bay to breakers foot race in san francisco. the 101st running is scheduled for may 20. mark your calendars. last year more than 50,000 runners registered to take part. over the years, the bay to breakers has grown to become one of the largest foot races in the world. a popular festival that races in oakland is moved out of the plaza that was the site of "occupy" protests.
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for the past two years races have started and finished at frank ogawa plaza. now the company that runs it is moving the march 25 event to snow park along lake merritt. it wants to avoid threats to public safety and says it needs more space anyway. a mishap involving a cake and mascot at an nba game as the jazz played the cavaliers. salt lake city jazz mascot tried to present a cake to a fan but look out below! >> oh, no! >> surprise! >> somebody got a little dirty 30 feet below. it's not clear whether the incident was real or staged. my guess is that it was not staged. [ laughter ] >> when you give the mascot the cake, the poor thing it's not like he can hold things with his hands. >> i feel sorry for the guy down below. >> get a german chocolate cake surprise. >> at least it was sweet. the bet is on. >> san francisco mayor ed lee and the mayor of new orleans are going to watch this weekend's play-off game between the 9ers and the saints very
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closely. they have a lot at stake. if 9ers beat the saints new orleans mayor mitchell landrieu will give gulf shrimp, king cake, and beer. but if the 9ers lose mayor ed lee will have to send landrieu some dungeness crab, a few loafs of sourdough bread, some anchor steam beer and lots of ghirardelli chocolate. >> hopefully some gulf shrimp will be coming our way. >> i think the mayor of new orleans will make out better 4:57. thieves posing as utility workers in the silicon valley. the bold crime leaving hundreds of people in the dark. >> plus, some stunning cell phone video a deputy striking a woman on a bus. look at that. we'll tell you what sparked that attack. two women brutally attacked and the suspect still on the loose. the latest live from the scene coming up next. pg&e utility crews are still at the scene of a small brush fire in mountain view. very close to the microsoft
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campus. coming up, we'll tell you what sparked the fire and how many customers were left in the dark.
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